A community Instagram art project celebrating love, lettering and travel. We encourage you to open your eyes to your surroundings during your commute and travels and explore discover what #thistypelove looks like.


Our Story

What first started as a Valentine’s Day idea evolved into a worldwide lettering and travel collaboration.  We’ve formed a network that allowed individuals to share their feelings on what love looked like in their hometowns or travel destinations, building a library of photographs from cities worldwide. Each person was given a hand-lettered word and had to find a story within their surroundings that resonated what the word meant in relation to love.

It has  grown into a community project based on Instagram where other hand-lettering artists began to draw their own word and venture out into their city to take a photograph. The spirit of the project essentially gives the participant a paintbrush to become the artist and put their own spin in their photograph. 



How it Works


You can sign up to print out your word created by one of our lettering artists and take it with you on your next travels. If you've got that city pride, you can also take a photo to represent your hometown!


1. Fill out the form below to sign up, choose a word that resonates with you on how love is defined.

2. Discover  a spot in your city (or the city you're traveling to) and photograph a place that best represents  your chosen love word.

3. Email your photographs to us and we'll let you know when we've shared it on our Instagram gallery.

Take a photo


After pressing submit, you'll be redirected to choose your lettered word and print out the packet with further instructions.

If you're traveling, make sure to print out your word  one or two days before your trip .
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